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With over 10 years of Home Valuation Experience and a Certified Team of specialized Home Appraisers throughout Southern Ontario, we are well positioned to provide a fair and reasonable Appraisal for your House or Property at competitive rates. Our Qualified Home Appraisers will help you reach a cost-effective solution for your property valuation needs.

Mortgage Financing

Mortgage financing appraisals are usually requested by Banks, Trust Companies and Mortgage Brokers who have a full understanding of the appraisal process and the methods employed. These appraisals often meet the minimum requirements from a residential point of view and are prepared on a form report. Our appraiser team will provide an accurate and unbiased value of the property that can be used specifically for lending purposes.

New Construction and Renovations

Are you thinking for building a new home? Or are staying where you are and thinking of renovating your home.

Bona Fide Appraisals can provide accurate valuations of future construction or renovations of your home. Every property is different and understanding the contributory value of improvements to your home are important to keep your financial investment secure. Not all renovations are weighted the same – certain improvements as finished basements, additional bathrooms, or renovated kitchens, will increase your home’s value by a wider margin than a wet bar or changing the front façade of you home. Let us provide you the after renovation or new construction valuation of your real estate project.

New construction and renovation

Line of Credit

Second mortgages are typically taken as secured home equity loans from financial institutions. These mortgages are considered riskier loans for financial institutions these mortgages usually have a higher interest rates than first mortgages. However, in some cases, when a borrower has a long term fixed rate mortgage, the actual rate on the second mortgage or secured line of credit, commonly referred to as a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) actually has a lower rate than the first closed mortgage.

The opposite usually exists with private mortgage lenders. Bonafide has been appraising property for Banks, Trust Companies, Private lenders and Mortgage brokers and provides timely and conforming reports for the lender community.

Line of Credit

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