Lender/Mortgage Broker Order Form


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    Property to be Appraised:

    Unit/Apartment (If applicable):

    Borrower/Applicant(s) Contact Information:

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    Lender Name:

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    Purpose of Appraisal (Select one):

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    NOTE 1: Payment must be made before proceeding with an inspection. Invoicing upon payment only.

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    NOTE 2: Appraisal with total mortgage ratios above 80% are only accepted on a case by case basis subject to approval.

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    Bona Fide Appraisal Inc. Terms of Reference


    1. That you understand that orders with total mortgage ratios above 80% are only accepted on a case by case basis subject to approval.

    2. That you are at least 18 years old and are a registered mortgage agent/broker or licensed lender.

    3. That the purpose of the appraisal request is for the sole purpose entered above.

    4. That you are explicitly authorized by the applicant(s) entered above to order an appraisal on their behalf.

    5. That the applicant name(s) and contact information entered above is accurate and up to date.

    6. That this order is subject to approval and may be altered and/or declined at our discretion.

    7. That fees quoted for services rendered may be subject to change and that past performance does not dictate current fees charged.

    8. That the purpose and scope of the appraisal inspection is to investigate and determine the market value of the subject property only, and as such:

      1. We will not be responsible to qualify the applicant(s), investigate and/or interrogate the occupant(s), and/or warrant the validity/status of anyone involved in this transaction. Our responsibilities are limited to reporting on the real property only. We fully expect that all due diligence in qualifying and validating the applicant(s) has and/or will be undertaken by not only the mortgage agent(s)/broker(s) involved, but also any authorized lender(s) permitted using our appraisal reports to facilitate a transaction.

      2. The scope of the inspection is cursory only and details to the level expected to be uncovered by a home inspector, for example, go well beyond the training and scope of the appraiser and their assignment.

    9. That even after acceptance and/or property inspection, we reserve the right to cancel any order, change the terms of the order agreement, delay inspection time, and/or delay the final delivery of the appraisal report, due to any of the following reasons:

      1. We have reason to believe that you have misrepresented yourself and/or the applicant(s).

      2. We have reason to believe that this transaction may be fraudulent.

      3. If any critical order information provided is incorrect.

      4. Due to delays caused by lack of cooperation by any person(s) required in assisting the appraiser in completing the appraisal assignment.

      5. Conditions of the order have either changed and/or have been confirmed as significantly different than the originally accepted order.

      6. Due to delays caused by forces beyond our control. For example, poor weather, traffic delays, power failures, computer systems/internet issues, etc..

      7. We have uncovered a conflict of interest.

      8. Any occupant(s) of the property are in self-isolation or imposed quarantine.


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